No agency fees!!

A brokerage fee unnecessary! !

No agency fee is needed at the time of your contract.
You can move in with the minimum expenses.

No guarantor necessary!!

A joint surety unnecessary! !

EIt’s okay even if you don’t have a guarantor as long as you can give us your emergency contact in Japan!

Privacy secured! Each private room has its own key!

As for the privacy well! Equipped with private

You will have your own key for your bedroom.
While enjoying the life with your flatmates, you can also cherish your private time.

We have some pet-friendly rooms!

There is the room which can spend

`Sharehapi’ can acheive your dream to live with your pet.
Your flatmates will love your pet, too!

Each private room has its own bed and table!

I am fully equipped with bed & table in the private room! !

Your own table and bed are ready for you! You can spend comfortable time in your room from the day you move in.
If you don’t need them, we will remove them from your room so that you can use your own choice of furniture.

Free unlimited internet service!


You can enjoy our free unlimited internet service anywhere in your private room!
You can also enjoy it with your flatmates at the living room.

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