FirstThe share house which First has never met toward the use

What is a share house? ?

With “a share house,”

I say that I live by sharing one house with plural people.
A kitchen and living, a bathroom, the restroom use it with all the residents, and the room uses each private room.

The share house of sharehapi. . .

In the common use department, the bed prepares in the household appliances such as a refrigerator, microwave oven TV, the washing machine, each room, too.

It is recommended in such one
  • It is lacking to return to the pitch-black house at night.
  • I find uneasiness in the first one living all the time.
  • I want to see it with interchange with the person of various types of industry, careers naturally
  • I want to increase new friends.
  • I long for big TV and sofa not to be able to taste in the efficiency.

The one where even one fits in a right or wrong share house! !

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