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Does the deposit return?
ASettlement of the rent of shortages and utility costs at the time of departure, subtracts the tenants bear the damage of the room, it will be remitted to your designated account at the end of the following month.

What do you mean by the inspection of a meter of the energy bill?
AI confirm the numerical value of the inspection of a meter meter every month in us at (and sometimes the beginning of the month) on the end of the month.

You calculate it based on an amount of money given by electricity, gas, the water supply companies and you divide it with a share mate and are expected to pay it.

Can I call a friend and a family?
AIf only one’s room does not make noise in several friends and families in a short time, it will be all right!

Because you are a nuisance to the share mate when you make noise in a great number of people too much, you take a person voice then, and please get approval. It is said that the staying except the contractor is until 2 nights.

Can there be the careful thing in living?
ABecause it is the cohabitation with the first person, the minimum courtesy and manner are necessary.

Minimum consideration such as talking that is careful about a sound to come out in life, and says hello!

But it is all right because oneself is tired even if I mind too much if I live a life happily together while keeping moderate distance! !

Can you use the Internet in a private room?

Is the withdrawal possible even when?

Can you smoke?
AA シェアハピ article is basic smoking cessation.